AI endpoint security

Reduce your endpoint risk and enhance efficiency with AI

A new type of malicious code is growing every year with advancing hacking skills, so security paradigm is also changing. SentinelOne is a security solution to protect endpoints from many types of attacks at every stage of lifecycle with AI technology. SentinelOne makes sure to respond to threats quickly and strongly based on insights learned.

Major Services

  • Meet the end point security service based on AI




  • Real-time workflow and threat blockage

    A Kernel-based monitoring with patent acquired searches endpoint IOC easily and simply to respond to security threats strongly.

  • Active medium control and firewall management

    Business settings and security requirements support an active medium control and firewall management, blocking the inflow of malicious codes from multiple PC sources completely.

  • Block advanced memory attacks

    Block an exploitation of attacks in memory, not in files, normal tools (MS Shell), and malicious active scripts and macros. Even block advanced attacks under scripts such as VBA.

  • Treat malicious code damage

    Detect and neutralize attacks by malicious codes (ransom wares etc), and treat them by recovering back to a status before attack. Its own technology protects with backup folders, so important files are safe and secured even if they are infected by ransom ware.

Use Cases

SentinelOne, more adaptability in security

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