STORM AI for Web

AI-driven website threat detection

Intelligent website security with ML-based threat detection

Hacking tactics are growing more sophisticated every day. Just monitoring is not enough to spot evolving threats.
STORM AI for Web helps you control security operations efficiently and meticulously with the power of machine learning.

Major Services

  • AI-based detection technology for website infringement will enable users to perform security control




  • Higher intrusion detection rate

    Constantly train your model to better detect true positives and lower false positives/false negatives.
    Utilize supervised/unsupervised learning guided by Samsung SDS’s security expertise and clustering analysis technique.

  • Insightful visualization of web attacks

    View real-time status of threat landscape on the web. Gain a more intuitive understanding of hacking activities, get actionable insights and prioritize your response.


  • Supervised learning, guided by security expertise

    Learns to automatically label web logs using rule-based analysis technique.

  • Unsupervised learning with multiple models

    Analyzes web-server access logs from various angles and learns from the results.

  • Learning from human feedback

    Constantly improves AI performance through human feedback

  • Threat visualization

    Provides useful insights to analysts and operators in visualized forms such as per-domain tree graphs of attacked URIs, dashboards, etc.

  • Automatic verification

    Identifies attacks that can actually penetrate the protected web server by automatically verifying the effectiveness of attacks with Event Verification System. (optional)

  • Customizable models

    Enables users to create, evaluate and simulate their own AI models, and select the best one. (optional)

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