Intelligent Contact Center

Specialized customer services such as virtual agent, agent assistant and AI analytics that apply AI technology to the contact center call system

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Provide proactive customer value with an intelligent contact center

With the development of IT technology, the contact center is developing from simple customer service and complaint handling to a service
that communicates with customers and provides impression beyond customer satisfaction. SDS AICC is an intelligent contact center service that proactively provides new value to customers by applying disruptive technologies such as AI and Cloud to the contact center call system.

Major Services





  • Cloud-based global contact center operation

    SDS has built and stably operated a cloud contact center with a capacity of 6,000 seats in North America, Latin America, and Asia.

  • Flexible architecture

    By utilizing the proven AICC platform, which is already selected and used by many customers, it can be extended and applied to various contact centers.

  • Efficient learning

    It can be used in a short period of time by applying an independent training method optimized for call center calls, and continuous performance improvement is possible through additional learning and verification.

  • High recognition rate and real-time STT(Speech To Text)

    SDS STT engine provides the highest voice recognition rate and high level of real-time voice recognition, and provides accurate conversation content at all times through noise cancellation optimized for phone calls.

  • Real-time TA(Text Analysis)

    SDS supports various customer services in a timely manner by collecting and analyzing consultation history or customer voices in real time.

  • NLU (Natural Language Understanding)

    It understands various natural languages ​​in conversations with customers, recognizes multiple intentions hidden in sentences, and accurately grasps customer intentions through sentiment analysis for each sentence and provides a natural flow of conversation.

AICC Platform Architecture

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AICC Platform
Virtual Agent
Agent Assistant
AI Analytics
Interface & Monitoring System (Business Service Interface, Call Interface, Session management, …)
AI Package (STT/TTS, NLU, TA, …)
Basic Customer Service
Customer Service
Contact Center Call Infra
Virtual Agent

AI (Chat Bot, Voice Bot) can automate customer service by identifying customer questions and intentions and solves problems

Agent Assistant

By detecting keywords/patterns of customer service content in real time, it provides automated customer service support functions such as knowledge recommendation, type classification, and content summary.

AI Analytics

Provides customer service analysis functions such as issue keyword extraction, risk sensing and spreading, customer service QA automation by automatically analyzing contents in real time

Basic Customer Service

Basic customer service application that manages customer service support such as work force management, customer service statistics, quality management system and knowledge management system

Contact Center Call Infra

By establishing a contact center call system such as PBX CTI based on the cloud, flexible resource expansion and various working types are supported without additional equipment.
Contact center service Provides integration of various channels such as phone/E-mail/SNS/chat


  • "AI has handled thousands of outbound sales call a day and more than 50,000 a month, and the success rate is remarkable enough to exceed 99%."

    Consumer policy team, DB Insurance



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