Nexplant 3D eXcellence

A collaboration platform facilitates 3D data use on site

With just a web browser anywhere in the world, you can use 3D data that is used in production, construction, and operation sites quickly and safely without worrying about security.

We know that it has been difficult to use 3D data due to various reasons, such as large size of data, high level of security requirements, need for special SW tools.
Nexplant 3D excellence converts, integrates and visualizes 3D data of various format that has been generated in the design stage, and offers a safe, lightweight environment for the 3D data to be used on production, construction and operation sites.


A variety of services linked to the utilization of heterogeneous 3D data through platforms can revolutionize your business and collaborative environment.


If you want to know more, please consult with an expert directly.

Case Studies


Global Constructor A

With just a web browser anywhere in the world, you can use 3D data in production, construction, and operation sites quickly and safely without worrying about security.

Use cases

Web visualizer, enabling flexible use of 3D data
Large 3D data in various formats can be immediately visualized via high-fidelity, ultra-lightweight streaming to be used flexibly in mobile environments.

Web-based real-time design meetings
Over 30 heterogeneous CAD formats in the manufacturing and AEC sector are supported,
and 3D data can be easily used in web and mobile environments.

Digital manual that can be utilized in various ways.
With just a web browser, fast and easy use of 3D data in various environments (e.g., production assembly line monitor, mobile device of on-site worker, and etc.) is enabled

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Windows, Linux, Unix


PostgreSQL 9.4 +


Standard Servlet Container (Weblogic, Tomcat, etc.)


NGINX, Apache

SW requirement

JAVA 1.8 +


  • If you need detailed price information, please send a request to 'Service Inquiry' or send to the representative email below to receive a detailed quotation.
    - email:

  • The recommended specifications are as follows.
    - Server(WEB/WAS) : 4Core, 8GB(Memory), 100G(Storage), RHEL 7.x or higher *2 (Orchestrator)
    - Server(DB) : 4Core, 32GB(Memory), 200G(Storage), RHEL7.x or higher *2 (Orchestrator)
    - Client : NVIDIA Geforce GTX/NVIDIA GRID GPUs, Windows 10 or higher, Chrome(Browser)

  • There is no need to install the authoring SW locally. If you are a user with digital manual authoring rights, you can create a digital manual in the web environment (Chrome browser).

  • Installation/operation in the cloud environment is possible.
    For more information on infrastructure and operation services, please contact us using the contact information below.
    - Customer Support Portal:
    - email:

  • There are more than 30 CAD formats available in 3D eXcellence (30 types of 'Read Format' and more than 10 types of 'Write Format').
    The detailed list of supported formats is as follows.
    ※ CAD import & export: Utilize HOOPS EXCHANGE

    available Format, Version, Extensions
    Format Version Extensions
    3MF 1.2.3 3MF
    ACIS Up to 2021 SAT, SAB
    Autodesk 3DS Any 3DS
    Autodesk DWF Any DWF, DWFX
    Autodest Inventor Up to 2023 IPT, IAM
    Autodest Navisworks From 2012 to 2022 NWD
    Catia V4 Up to 4.2.5 MODEL, SESSION, DLV, EXP
    Catia V5 Up to V5_6R2022 CATDrawing, CATPart, CATProduct, CATShape, CGR
    Catia V6 / 3DExperience Up to V5-6 R2019 (R29) 3DXML
    AutoCAD-2D Up to DWG 2018(RealDWG 2021) DAE
    AutoCAD-3D Up to AUtoCAD 2019 DWG, DXF
    Creo-Pro/E Pro/Engineer 19.0 to Creo9.0 ASM, NEU, PRT, XAS, XPR
    FBX ASCII:from 7100 to 7500, Binary:All FBX
    GL Transmission Format Version 2.0 only FBX
    I-deas Up to 13.x(NX 5), NX I-deas 6 MF1, ARC, UNV, PKG
    IFC IFC2xEditions 2,3 and 4 IFC, IFCZIP
    IGES 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 IGS, IGES
    JT Up to v10.6 JT
    Microstation DGN 7 DGN
    NX-Unigraphics V11 to V18, NX to NX12, NX1847 to NX2206 PRT
    Parasolid Up to 34.1 X_B, X_T, XMT, XMT_TXT
    PDF All Versions PDF
    PRC All Versions PRC
    Revit 2015 to 2023 RVT, RFA
    Rhino3D From 4 to 7 3DM
    Solid Edge V19-20, ST-ST10, 2022 ASM, PAR, PWD, PSM
    SolidWorks* From 97 up to 2022 SLDASM, SLDPRT
    STEP AP 203 E1/E2, AP214, AP242 STP, STEP, STPZ
    Stereo Lithography(STL) All Versions STL
    U3D ECMA-363 U3D
    VDA-FS Version 1.0 and 2.0 VDA
    VRML V1.0 and V2.0 WRL, VRML
    Wavefront OBJ Any OBJ
    • * SolidWorks PMI reader is limited
  • Digital Manual can be produced and played in the environment connected to the server. Drawing Viewer and Action data are required for Digital Manual to operate normally.

  • There is no restriction on the size of the CAD file, but it is recommended to use a CAD file within 2 GB, and it requires an appropriate size of memory and GPU for the server in charge of format conversion and streaming.

  • The CAD drawing viewed on the screen only displays the rendering result, so the data itself cannot be leaked. However, the function to prevent photo taking or capture during a meeting is not provided, and a separate security company or specialized software is required.

  • The 3D eXcellence service supports 30 different types of CAD formats, including manufacturing and construction fields, and quickly visualizes large-capacity 3D data with high-performance, ultra-light streaming, making it easy to utilize 3D data in web and mobile environments.

  • Only users registered in Nexplant 3D eXcellence can attend, and only users who are included in the Design Meeting's attendance group can attend.

  • It can be linked through Rest API or other interface tools, and it can be easily connected to your existing business system. However, separate development for connection is required If you want integration service, please contact us using the contact information below.
    - Customer Support Portal:
    - email:

  • When you select a CAD drawing from the 'Design Data' menu, you can check the Design Meeting history with that drawing.
    After each Design Meeting is completed, you can manage the meeting results through the meeting minutes function.
    It is also possible to edit the created meeting minutes, and the version of the revised history is managed.

  • For a 1GB CAD file, if the server specifications are appropriate, there may be differences depending on the content of the drawing, but the average loading performance is around 10 seconds.
    It shows 30 FPS or more when zooming in/out, so you can use it lightly.
    Regarding the usage environment, to explain further, 3D eXcellence supports two types of rendering.
    1) CSR (Client Side Rendering)
    : In case of using CSR environment where rendering is performed on a local PC, external GPU configuration and server 4Core, 8GB (Memory), 100G (Storage), RHEL 7.x or higher are recommended for the local PC.

    2) SSR (Server Side Rendering)
    : In the case of using SSR where rendering is performed on the server, we recommend server specifications of Core Memory 4Core 16g, Display GPUs (NVIDIA Geforce GTX/NVIDIA GRID GPUs) or higher.
    If you have any additional questions, please contact 'Service Inquiry' in the customer support portal, or Please contact us using the contact information below and we will respond sincerely.
    - Customer Support Portal:
    - email:

    available format list, format, version, extensions
    Format Version Extensions
    3MF 1.2.3 3MF
    ACIS Up to 2021 SAT, SAB
    IGES 5.1 IGS, IGES
    FBX 7400, ASCLL or Binary FBX
    GLTF 2.0 GLTF, GLB
    JT 8.1, 9.5, 10.0 JT
    Parasolid 12.1 X_T
    PRC Latest PRC
    STEP AP 203 E2, AP 214 E1, AP 242 E1 STP, STEP, STPZ
    Strero Lithography Any STL
    U3D ECMA-363 U3D
    VRML 1.0 and 2.0 VRML
    Wavefront OBJ Any OBJ
    • 1) FBX-DOM file are unsupported.
    • 2) Our JT writer supports JT 8.1, 9.5 and 10.
    • 3) Exporting tessellation data is only possible using the Parasolid bridge (not available on macOS).
    • 4) Our STEP writer supports AP203, AP241, and AP242. STPZ export is only available in the AP242 format.
  • Digital Manual production service requires prior consultation. Please contact us using the contact information below.
    - Customer Support Portal:
    - email:

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