Take a Look Around CES 2018!

Take a Look Around CES 2018!
The first day of CES 2018, the world’s largest IT and electronics exhibition, was held in Las Vegas on Tuesday (September 9). CES is a worldwide event that attracts global attention by announcing new IT products and related strategies at the beginning of each year. Let’s take a look around CES 2018!

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From device to home, from home to city … Smart City

This year, CES presented the slogan ‘The Future of Smart City’. Last year, companies showed the implementation of smarthome by expanding the connectivity of each device. This year the concept of smarthome was stretched to smart city.

Smart City means that an entire city is connected to a network by connecting various devices, sensors, buildings, vehicles, people with communication technologies such as IoT, WiFi and mobile communication. Massive data is used by big data analysis technology and AI to analyze and improve smart city convenience.

AI Becoming a Part of Our Everyday Life

2018 is expected to be the year of AI commercialization. Participating companies introduced products that combine AI including TV, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, smart phones, speakers, robot cleaners and coffee makers. These products will be on the market this year marking the start of AI becoming a technology used in our everyday life.

Revolution of ‘5G’ Communication Technology

The 5th generation (5G) mobile telecommunication technology is also a main issue at this year’s CES event. 5G is 100 times faster than 4G mobile communication. It only takes 5 seconds to download one movie. As the transmission speed and volume of data increase dramatically, this change is expected to bring revolutionary changes such as creation of new industries and services.

Samsung Electronics Unveils Future Lifestyle Solutions Based on AI • IoT

Under the concept of ‘Samsung City’, Samsung Electronics organized an exhibition space on various themes such as residential space, office space, and automobile. Entering ‘Samsung City’, visitors are greeted by an oversized façade consisting of small and large LED signage that symbolize city buildings. Through the screens, visitors can experience Samsung’s vision of ‘realizing meaningful changes and challenges in everyday life of consumers’ through innovative technologies based on IoT and AI.

Samsung Electronics held a press conference to introduce the future vision and major projects in 2018 prior to the opening of CES. Samsung Electronics defined the core trend of the upcoming society as ‘connectivity based on artificial intelligence’ and introduced the services that Samsung can implement through three scenarios of ‘Home-Business-Mobility.’

President, Hyun Suk Kim, head of Samsung Electronics CE(Consumer Electronics) division commented, “In order to provide IoT service for more consumers, we will implement ‘Intelligence of Things for Everyone’ which goes beyond connectivity between devices.”

Samsung SDS Innovates Automotive Stores with Harman

At CES 2018, Samsung SDS organized a showcase under the theme ‘Connected Automotive’ with Harman and introduced Nexshop™ solution.

Nexshop™ solution was implemented in the Automotive Digital Showroom of Harman that provides personalized customer experience for shop visitors and business insight based on customer behavior analysis by utilizing technologies such as interactive display, VR and video analysis. Visitors were impressed with Nexshop™ solution.

Particularly, by linking mobile devices with touch display, visitors will be able to experience the various kinds of car vehicles and change the options directly through an ‘Interactive Screen.’ Also ‘Behavior Sensing Analytics’ which collects and analyzes customer behavior in real time through the five cameras installed in the exhibition hall, provides customer related marketing reports to store managers. In addition, SDS also introduced ‘Brightness AI’ and ‘Connected Car Service’ based on blockchain.

Through this exhibition with Harman, SDS was able to actively introduce and promote related solutions to various automotive companies. This will be an important opportunity to expand and strengthen SDS solutions in the Automotive market.