Why Did He Fly To The UK?


What Does the Future Hold For Agile?

Agile is constantly evolving, as different industries begin to embrace Agile. Mike Cohn, an agile trainer and the author of the “User Story Applied” once said, “It does not matter how good you are today; if you are not better next month, you are no longer agile.” Just as this statement, in order to an Agile company to succeed, it is crucial to detect change and act accordingly to it. It is because survival in today’s business requires you to be flexible. Everyone who implement and run Agile like Scrum Master*, CEO, VP, and Agile Coach all want the same thing. What they want is an efficient and harmonious way for companies to move toward their goals. Therefore, they have to be ready to face the challenges that they will inevitably go up against.
*Scrum master: It is a role in Scrum, and integral part of Agile, that removes the team’s bottleneck and protects the ream from external interruptions so that the team can perform better.


Is not the 2018 Global AGILE DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATION Summit (3/15~16, UK London) hosted by the Corporate Parity* a place to share ways to overcome such changes and challenges?

At the summit, there were about 100 experts and progressive leaders all participating in the research presentation (16 in total), workshops and panel discussions (2 in total).

The summit was held with over 20 speakers, over 18 discussions on topics like Scaling Agile, Enterprise Agile, Dispersed Agile Team, and Mob Programming, and one of the main event of the summit was the fact that a key speaker Hubert Shin was there.
*Corporate Parity: Corporate Parity is a well-established professional conference and event organizer with a European base, and with an ambitious global growth strategy

Let’s Take a moment to ask, Who Is Hubert Shin?

Agile Korea 2017, Agile Developer, Agile Coach, Agile Evangelist, Director of ACT, Conference Chair of AKC

Why Did He Fly To The UK?

It was six months ago when Hubert was contacted through LinkedIn by Lewis, Product Manager of the Conference. Lewis told Hubert about the purpose of the event and about the other attending speakers. He also told Hubert that he was looking for a good example of applying Agile in Asia through researches, and when he came upon Samsung SDS, he wanted to invite Hubert as a speaker.

Actually, Samsung SDS had been working hard for Agile Transformation along with its integration with the development office, so when Hubert was contacted by Lewis, he had no reason to deny such great opportunity. It was a great chance to inform other international experts of their achievements.

At the summit, he presented on the topic of “Are We There Yet? Samsung’s 10 year continuous improvement journey with Agile”. Of course, this was not the first time. Previously, he had number of presenting experiences including IBM Innovator. When I asked Hubert why he happily accepted the invitation, he simply smiled and said “Because Samsung SDS is a company that needs plenty of boasting.”

“Are We There Yet?
Samsung’s 10 year continuous improvement journey with Agile”

The lecture took about 40 minutes and he spoke about the background of the birth of Agile Core Team and how the Agile was beautifully transformed by the Samsung SDS development office, in front of over 100 Agile experts from 22 different countries. He also shared the success story achieved through over a decades of hard work.

The audience was captivated by the lecture and responded well to his message of “The only way to transform Agile is to strive for ‘Continuous Improvement’ based on empathy.”

Hubert Shin, a Key Speaker@ 2018 Global AGILE DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATION Summit

☞ Peek at ACT@Samsung SDS -> Watch The Video

Particularly, when he talked about their development story on AngelTalk, an app created for families with children that suffer from the Angelman syndrome, the crowd as quite awed and touched.

☞ Peek at AngelTalk -> Watch The Video

Chief Trouble Maker @Samsung

“I have never seen a CRAZY person like you. Working for more than 10 years in a big company, and still doing Agile”

Rod who created the Spring framework, Jez Humble who defined the Continuous Delivery, and Tim Brown, the Apple’s Technical Director, all agreed about the statement about Hubert Shin written above. They all were able to appreciate the fact the he overcame many hardships within a big company and was able to maintain a wise and patient composure, working endlessly to achieve the current state of achievement.