Samsung SDS Celebrates Partnership with Glintt

Samsung SDS Celebrates Partnership with Glintt

Glintt - Global Intelligent Technologies has announced the establishment of a partnership with Samsung SDS aimed at jointly marketing clinical cases of the Samsung Cardio medical device.

This collaboration aims to revolutionize the field of cardiology with the S-Patch, a device that enables remote cardiac monitoring in a continuous and non-invasive way, thus ensuring the follow-up of patients both inside and outside of health facilities.

The Samsung Cardio facilitates the follow-up process by physicians along with the patient's everyday life by collecting and transmitting data to an app that analyzes the processed information in real-time.

This platform also makes it possible to access exams that can be performed anywhere as well as improve the efficiency of its results interpretation, ultimately aiding in the clinical decision making process.

Glintt's CEO Nuno Vasco Lopes explained the importance of this collaboration: "This partnership consolidates our position in this area, proving that Glintt is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. For us, it is extremely gratifying to be able to contribute to the improvement of disease monitoring and prevention."

Jongcheel Im, President of Samsung SDS Europe, explained that the company considers the S-Patch “as a device with enormous potential" in Portugal and that it chose Glintt as a partner "for being a market leader in the health area, possessing unparalleled know-how, and the capability to strongly promote S-Patch.”