Securing Tomorrow at Mobile World Congress

This year, Mobile World Congress (MWC) was all about reimagining. From the launch of the reimagined camera and new features on the new Galaxy S9 – to the promise of 5G, it was evident that enterprise mobile applications will play a key role in the future of technology. While the 5G promise is still a few years away, the emergence of a mobile-driven tomorrow underscores the need to solve the digital identity security problem. Samsung SDS unveiled new solutions for securing digital identities at MWC that can keep your business safe.

Digital Identity & Biometric Authentication

During MWC, the FIDO Alliance announced that it expanded its ecosystem of products from 250 to more than 450 new solutions. The FIDO Alliance is an association that advocates for strong authentication and biometric technology. It sees IoT growing significantly in 2018, bringing security and convenience to everything from smart cars to credit cards to touchscreens.

“The user experience using traditional passwords is untenable on a mobile device. The FIDO Alliance is working to solve the password problem and remove the friction that mobile consumers face when engaging in mobile service,” said Andrew Shikiar, Senior Director Marketing for the FIDO Alliance, in regard to the organization’s mission.

Among the biometric security platforms displayed at MWC included an identity verification platform, which Samsung SDS demoed at the FIDO Alliance booth alongside client Thomson Reuters. The platform, which is in the pre-commercialization phase, leverages Nexsign biometric authentication to create a seamless and secure mobile experience for Thomson Reuters’ customers. Nexsign is a FIDO Certified authentication solution that lets users apply multiple biometric features, such as fingerprint, face and voice credentials, to access mobile banking services.

Eliminating Passwords with Nexsign

Nexsign also made an appearance at the G+D Mobile Security booth at MWC. G+D showcased a sophisticated mobile authentication solution that enables banks and financial institutions to implement biometric authentication for mobile banking and payment services. The solution benefits users by simplifying the identity verification process and eliminating the need for cumbersome passwords.

“With G+D Mobile Security`s established presence in the financial market and a strong reputation for delivering mobile security solutions to banks, this partnership with Samsung SDS is very well placed to address the growing demand for stronger customer authentication and to fulfil the latest banking regulations,” said Gabrielle Bugat, Head of the Financial Services Solutions Division at G+D Mobile Security.

The theme of MWC this year was creating a better tomorrow. Over the course of those four days in Barcelona, industry leaders and innovators were able to delve into how exciting topics like AI, 5G, VR, AR and more are driving society toward this goal.

Mobile leaders like Samsung SDS are committed to making these innovations a reality, and the first step lies in securing these vehicles across all industries. How are you planning on taking the insights gained from MWC to realize your vision? Join the conversation by tweeting us at @SamsungSDSA.

VP, Digital Innovation Solutions, Diane Carlson
VP, Digital Innovation Solutions, Diane Carlson
Samsung SDS America