Cloud Security
Monitoring Service

Cloud security monitoring service that can promptly respond to changes in cloud assets in real-time

Keep security monitoring and control vacancies to none with managed security service that reflects the dynamic characteristics of the multi-cloud environment

Samsung SDS's Cloud Managed Security Service will protect your business from external security threats without any intervention by automatically adjusting security monitoring scope in accordance with auto-scaling and by applying the optimized security solution suitable for your cloud architecture environment. Samsung SDS provides the cloud managed security service, which is the largest volumn in Korea, by applying automation and relevant analysis and detection capabilities based on the experience and know-how from servicing its customers in 100+ countires for over 20 years.

Major Services

  • Improve your cloud security posture with Korea's first managed security service specialized for cloud environment, featuring automatic provisioning of security agent per usage and security configuration diagnosis based on Samsung's security know-how




  • S/W Agent-based Real-time Detection of Web Hacking Attempts

    Respond to security threats per each type and per risk priorities including zero-day attack, homepage hacking attack and web shell upload attack

  • SECaaS-based WAF and DDoS Protection

    Discover OWASP vulnerabilities, control access based on white/blacklist and detect/mitigate DDoS attacks

  • Automated Cloud Security Posture Assesment

    Assess and manage your cloud security posture to respond to constantly creating and changing cloud server infrastructure characteristics

Use Cases


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      Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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