Managed Security Service

24/7 managed security services for your security threat management

Respond promptly to security threats with Samsung SDS' security monitoring services

Samsung SDS provides a high-quality security control service based on accumulated experience and security threat response know-hows with Samsung affiliates and external customers of over 20 years. Samsung SDS can help quickly respond to a variety of hacking threats and secure customer assets.

Major Services

  • Global Security Control Covering over
    100 countries
    24/7 Follow-the-Sun System
  • Security Monitoring Work Efficiency 90% Improvement Compared to Manual Job
  • Suspected Hacking Attempts Log 6.6M cases/day 17B daily events on average





  • Improve Detection Accuracy

    Improve detection accuracy through correlation analysis taking various security solutions and data sources into account including firewall monitoring, homepage monitoring and other monitoring data accumulated into SIEM solution

  • Provide Advanced Verification and Analysis Processes

    Provide Samsung SDS' advanced verification and analysis processes including continuous verification rule updates, automated analysis of incoming events, and global TI information linkage analysis

  • Managed Malicious Code Monitoring Service

    Analyze abnormal activities of infected PC by not only detecting the inflow of malicious code but also by performing dynamic analysis of suspicious files and in-depth analysis of suspicious traffic, presented in detailed reports including APT detection type, analysis, alert, block and remediation status

Use Cases

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