SNOW Threat Intelligence

Security Threat Intelligence Service Validated by Samsung

Quickly detect and block security threats using up-to-date global threat information

Security attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and stealthy, and it has become more important to prevent potential security breaches by preemptively securing against the latest threats early.
Use Samsung SDS know-how and real-time threat information updates to preemptively protect against security threats and collect vast amounts of data in real time to rapidly respond to the spread of security attacks.

Major Services

  • Malicious Site List 25K+ Daily Total 7.4M+ as of July 2020
  • Malicious File List 7K+ Daily Total 2.13M+ as of July 2020
  • Malicious Email List 300+ Daily Total 110k+ as of July 2020




  • Differentiated Threat Intelligence

    Leverage Samsung Group experience to perform linkage analysis on verified malicious threat information and web hacker's IP with past data, and provide detailed recommendations by the risk level.

  • Global Up-to-date Threat Information DB

    Provide hacker server information based on analysis of traffic (64 TB) generated from 500,000 computers from over 63 countries including emails, and over 1 million up-to-date malicious code samples.

  • Provide Information by Blocking Purpose

    Provide information to both protect internal employees from malicious code infections and protect external services by blocking IP access to hackers.

Use Cases

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