Development Platform

Cloud-based Development Platform for Digital Transformation

Boost productivity and innovate the development process

Accelerate Digital Transformation by adopting DevOps through every stage of development and operation using the most advanced UI development tools and stable back-end frameworks.

Major Services

Integrated development environment, reusable SW management platform and DevOps strategy consulting

  • Development productivity 10-20% improvement
  • Time to market (lead time) 1.6x faster




  • Enhanced UI development productivity
    Design and build system screens fast with the most up-to-date web technologies and UX design. Samsung SDS Development Platform supports prototyping with source codes and easier source code maintenance.
  • Proven Development-Deployment-Operation environment
    Navigate and use useful set of tools to develop high-quality services that comply with development standards. You can work in a stable, highly efficient execution/operational environment that supports big data processing and various applications.
  • Promote the reuse of internal software assets
    Innovate your organization's software asset management system, leveraging simple and state-of-the-art features that support registration, search, authorization control and usage monitoring of reusable software assets.
  • Samsung SDS’s DevOps knowhow
    You can apply proven source inspection and test automation tools. Improve lead time and optimize your DevOps system utilizing the DevOps expertise applied in Samsung SDS’s solutions and services.


Deep dive into Samsung SDS Development Platform

* Click on each module to take a closer look.

  • Front-end : UX Standard (OPUS), UI Development Tools (UI Dev) ← {Rest APIs} → Back-end : Development Framework (Anyframe), Integration Solution (APIM/CNI) ↔ SW Asset : Software Reuse Platform (Catalog)
  • DevOps Service : DevOps Consulting, Automation Tool Codebot Testopia, Operational Task Automation Consulting SRE

    Resource Creation → Environment Configuration → Development → Validation (Automation Tool Codebot Testopia) → Deploy, Operation(Operational Task Automation Consulting SRE)

    Infrastructure (Cloud)
    • Self Configuration → Virtual Machine
    • Fast Loading → Bare Metal
    • Test Automation, Release Automation → Orchestration (Container)
    • Auto Scale-out, Auto Recovery - Orchestration (Container)
UX Standard (OPUS)

Improve UX quality for greater operational efficiency and heightened brand image, utilizing our vast and useful UI/UX design sources and standard UX accumulated through Samsung SDS’s extensive project experiences.

UI Development Tools (UI Dev)
  • Front-end development tools providing visual development environment with UI components using the latest web technology
  • Easy maintenance with standardized UI
  • A wide array of UI components including screen templates, table, calendar, etc.
Development Framework (Anyframe)

Useful and time-saving back-end development tools to boost productivity, performance and stability.

Integration Solution (APIM/CNI)

APIM : Integration solution for internal and external service integration, API lifecycle management, access control, usage control and load balancing

CNI : Integration solutions offering various legacy system integration protocols, execution engines, web development/ monitoring tools.

SW Asset
Reusable SW Platform (Catalog)
  • Increase the usage of reusable software assets with lifecycle management, search and recommendation features
  • Easier integration with legacy systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) and advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain
DevOps Service
DevOps Consulting

Guides through the entire lifecycle from configuration of cloud-based development environment to development, testing, deployment and operation. Provides professional consulting for tool chain configuration.

Automation Tools

Codebot : Code quality management system to automatically identify and correct errors and vulnerabilities based on source code analysis

Testopia : Automation tool for the entire process from test script writing, running, evaluating, analyzing to reporting

Operational Task Automation Consulting (SRE)

Provides professional consulting for operational task automation. Supports enhancement of operational quality and stability through early and fast failure detection and mitigation.

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