Easy and simple computing infrastructure management based on high reliability.

Configure and manage computing resources with flexibility.

Flexibly allocate and use optimized resources whether for developing, testing or running application programs. Samsung SDS Cloud Data Center provides real-time intelligent monitoring to keep your computing resources and data secure against the risks of outage, failure or other external threats, all the while ensuring business continuity.


  • Easy Configuration

    From VM provisioning to monitoring and billing, easily set up computing environment. Scale or shrink CPU or memory resources as necessary without admin’s involvement. Build a computing environment optimized for your business purpose without virtualization, using high-performance physical server.

  • On-demand Flexibility

    Elastically scale resources depending on the changes in server usage or traffic. Schedule your resources for a specific time of the day, or adjust resource allocation to prepare for a temporary spike in unspecified user traffics. Manage your resources efficiently and drive down the costs, while maintaining stable and reliable services.

  • Powerful Security & Reliability

    24/7/365 security control and real-time monitoring enables a reliable cloud service operation. If an error occurs on a physical server on which the virtual server is installed and operated, the service automatically is transferred to other servers in waiting. The redundant architecture minimizes downtime, ensuring operational stability.


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