Standard Kubernetes cluster creation and container deployment

Stable environment for running containerized applications

A stable and reliable environment for running and monitoring containers on Kubernetes clusters, as well as a wide variety of open source software. You can easily build applications in the provided container environment, or deploy apps using optimized container images.


  • Simple Kubernetes Container Orchestration

    Kubernetes Engine offers lightweight virtual computing containers and clusters for container management, providing a standard Kubernetes environment that does not require separate configuration procedures. Users can easily build applications in the provided container environment.

  • Easy Kubernetes Deployment

    You can deploy a wide range of container images like Web/WAS or other app infrastructures to the Kubernetes cluster. Container images, optimized through extensive field operations, makes the app deployment process much more simple and easier.

  • Higher Development Productivity

    Various SW images with verified security, Web/WAS, database, and monitoring SW are offered as an installation package optimized for Samsung Cloud Platform. Users can search for any container SW they need to create applications, significantly increasing development productivity with much faster SW deployment of app infrastructure and other containers.


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