Global multi-vendor mobile management and support

End your employees’ pain in procuring mobile devices and keep them connected with managed mobility services that improve productivity and operational efficiency while enabling consistent global policy enforcement. Allow end users, via self-service, to be in control of managing mobile devices, while ensuring predicable costs and appropriate usage. Our global managed services drive cost savings through continuous optimization in addition to reducing time with real-time analytics and action. Samsung SDS' managed mobility services can help transition your organization from an enterprise that utilizes mobile into a truly mobile enterprise.


What can Managed Mobility Services do for you and your business?

  • Support

    Keep your mobile workforce happy and productive, with global managed services and end-user L -1 – L3 multi-lingual service desk offerings that ease operational burden and drive performance. Our support services take advantage of the latest in AI and Machine Learning as well as end-user self-service empowerment.

  • Expense & usage management

    View and manage all mobile accounts and devices globally, through a single pane of glass, with a forward-looking, task-based solution designed to align IT and finance teams and optimize mobile spend while reducing operational costs. Take advantage of our comprehensive managed services to free up internal resources. Managed mobility services enables user-centered technology expense management for mobile, telecom, and cloud services.

  • Lifecycle management

    Optimize and care for your mobile ecosystem with a team focused on proactivity and proficiency. Ensure the day-to-day management of your mobile estate is efficient and can deliver maximum end-user experience and productivity. Get the most out of your EMM technology investment with EMM platform integration and management.

  • Reverse logistics

    Maintain productivity and user experience with proven methods for device break-fix, hot spare pool management, warranty process management, and end-of-life asset disposition handling. Help fund your next mobile fleet refresh by taking advantage of industry leading buyback/wipe/recycle services. Maximize your managed mobility investment by utilizing global break/fix, warranty repair, and hot spare pool management.

  • Forward logistics

    Efficiently procure and deploy any device type globally in the most cost effective way possible. Integrate platform and manage services to allow self-service procurement of unlocked or carrier fulfilled devices, carrier plans, and accessories. Kitting, Staging and QA services are available in 50+ countries. We'll fully manage ordering of unlocked or carrier fulfilled devices and provide multi-vendor support along the way.

  • Project-based professional services

    Drive immediate and significant cost reduction with project based services. Design a future-proof mobile strategy, run effective carrier sourcing engagements including the RFP process, benchmark your current carrier agreements against current market conditions to optimize expenses, or receive help with mass rollouts and carrier transitions.


Take a closer look

  • Reduce admin workloads

    The EMM user-portal feature lets you post notices, FAQs, and employee self-service options including device lock, missing device location, and views into enrolled devices.

  • Multi-vendor Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform implementation and lifecycle services

    Outsource the implementation and day-to-day operation of your EMM platform to the experts in mobile security.

  • Fully managed buyback/wipe/recycle services

    Ensure data security with insured, ISO certified, and buyback/environmental disposal services. Utilize these services for Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, Laptops/Desktops, IOT, and Rugged Devices.

  • End user support services

    Global, 24/7 integrated (Device/Carrier/EMM/Customer Environment) L -1 – 3 service desk options (includes end user self-service, chatbots, local language support, and complex technical services).

  • Complete lifecycle management services

    A comprehensive suite of services and offerings to ensure your entire mobile device lifecycle meets and exceeds industry standards for security.

  • User-centered technology expense/asset management platform for mobile, fixed telecom & cloud service’s

    Reinvent TEM by moving it from a non-transparent, decentralized and highly manual backend activity to a centralized and automated activity across the whole organization. Enable virtually any size of business to run all TEM Services and Assets efficiently in-house and augment managed services.


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  • Brief

    Enable end users to be in command of managing their mobile devices



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