Improve productivity and safety within your warehouse operations. Set up global preferences and eliminate tablet distractions while your power industrial truck drivers are in motion.

Fewer accidents. Lower costs. Easy management.

Distracted driving causes accidents. Samsung SDS Inertia is a simple, cost-effective solution for mounted tablets, designed to make warehouses safer and more productive. The Inertia App leverages native sensors in the device to detect when the vehicle is in motion. While driving, the screen remains blank until the driver comes to a complete stop. Global preferences allow easy setup and configuration for motion sensitivity and device lock delays across your power industrial fleet.

Major Services

  • The off-the-shelf Galaxy Tab Active3, Knox Suite and Samsung SDS Inertia bundle




  • Easy to deploy
    Whether you’re using Samsung SDS Inertia as a stand alone or in the bundle, deploying these solutions is fast and easy. As a self-contained application, Inertia uses sensors already embedded in Samsung tablets. Simply install the software as you would any other app. Combined with Samsung Knox, IT admins can remotely deploy the Inertia app across fleets of industrial vehicles for entire groups and departments.
  • Managed configuration
    The Inertia App provides support for managed configuration. Rather than manually setting up each device, global preferences in the application allow you to optimize the entire set up process. Calibrate motion sensitivity and adjust the delays before a screen overlay appears. Samsung Knox also enables remote management, pushing updates to individual devices, groups or the entire fleet.
  • Streamlined operations
    With the Galaxy Tab Active3, Knox Suite and Inertia bundle, you get a fully connected tablet with integrated management solutions to send work orders to your drivers in real time. Not only does this improve productivity, but it also eliminates paper-based workflows while minimizing human errors.
  • Reduced distractions
    Using the native motion-sensing technology of mounted Samsung tablets, Inertia locks the device screen with an overlay whenever it detects the vehicle is moving. This simple yet effective safety feature minimizes distractions for the driver, resulting in fewer accidents, injuries and potential OSHA fines.
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