Brity Drive

Stay in sync with your teammates. We’ve made sharing easy.

Powerful file management solution, Brity Drive,
gives easier ways to share ideas

With Brity Drive, all it takes is one easy content upload. Every authorized participant can access streams of information that other members shared, so you can toss ideas and files back and forth from your PC or mobile device.

We provide a powerful cloud file storage protected with maximum-grade security, so sensitive data remains safe and team collaboration innovates in a new way.

Major Services

  • Storage volume of the current drive 1,100TB or more (Accumulated achievement as of Sep 2020)
  • Duration for documment search Approx. 80% Reduced (Case of Manufacturer D, when using smart folders)





  • Diverse workspaces

    An open, closed, or secret online workspace for sharing ideas, documents, and schedules in an efficient collaborative environment.

  • Instant posts

    Works just like social media with speedy posts and reply tools.

  • Real-time editing

    Simultaneous document editing with multiple users in real time.

  • Live poll

    Quick and easy opinion gathering with results updated in real time.

  • File annotations

    Sharing thoughts and ideas directly on the document.

  • Server DRM and 2-step authentication

    Restricts unauthorized file shares by limiting access periods, printing and distribution. 2-step authentication involves ID and password, and a one-time password.

Case Studies

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