Brity Drive

Central file storage that breaks down office walls

Securely manage all company's files in one place,
Access and collaborate from anywhere

Save all the work files on the Brity Drive instead of on your PC's local drive. You can work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device with the team members you need to collaborate. Also, company's assets can be protected and managed without worrying about loss of files, security, or operations.

With Brity Drive, you can transform the way you collaborate on files and change the way you manage them.

Major Services

  • Storage volume of the current drive 1,100TB or more (Accumulated achievement as of Sep 2020)
  • Duration for documment search Approx. 80% Reduced (Case of Manufacturer D, when using smart folders)





Price Plan

Drive Plan

  • Standard
    ₩ 3,500
    ID basis/month
    User Mail, Messenger or together with
    Meeting and Drive
    • Built-in 20GB storage per user
    • Manipulate files on the Web, Windows explorer and Mobile
    • Automatic update after editing in
      offline mode
  • Advanced
    ₩ 5,000
    ID basis/month
    Enhanced collaboration and productivity functions
    • Built-in 40GB storage per user
    • Sharing link for external collaboration
    • Document body search
    • Audit log-based statistics/Monitoring
  • Enterprise
    Separate consultation
    ID basis/month
    Support various security options and System integration
    • Document retentoin period management
    • Non-Compliance detection (CPGS)
    • Document centralization by PC
      storage control
    • Management of files in business system
  • Free plans do not guarantee SLA.
  • The price of paid plans does not include VAT.

Use Cases

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