Brity Meeting

A new way to communicate

Enhanced web conference solution ensures secure business meetings as well as seamless online education

Brity Meeting can transform your workflow by giving you instant face-to-face meetings with colleagues anytime and anywhere. Collaborate effectively with a various features, including superior HD video, clear audio quality, and new interactive features that brings offline meeting experience to online.

Major Services

  • Monthly meeting on average 640,000
  • No. of the maximum participants 1,000




  • Various conference modes for different purpose

    Brity Meeting supports various conference modes, including the very lively Video Conference mode for 2, 5, 9, and 25 participants, Presentation mode for seminars and online courses, and Screen Sharing mode. You can select and utilize the mode that is the most appropriate for your purpose.

  • Document conference and notation features

    During a conference, all participants can freely upload contents, such as documents and pictures, and add notations over the shared content by utilizing the Pen feature.

  • Screen sharing and remote control

    Presenter can share the screen of a PC screen and specific applications in real-time. Also, the presenter can hand over the control of the mouse to other participants to allow remote control of the shared screen.

  • Interaction features

    Interaction features, such as “Raise Hand” and “Poll,” make your conferences richer. Through the interaction features, the presenter can see the reactions of other participants in real time, which makes Brity Meeting an ideal tool for a lively online education experience.

  • Security features

    The watermark and screen capture protection features are provided to securely protect the conference materials from external exposure. If necessary, administrator can add a rule so that only authorized external participants can attend the meeting.

  • Convenient invitation and participation

    Host can set the conference to send notifications via SMS or email as soon as the scheduling is complete and provide reminders shortly before the conference. Participants can conveniently join the conference by accessing the URL provided in the SMS or email.

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