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Enterprise messenger for business will provide a key for your collaboration concerns

Brity Messenger provides various differentiated features, such as screen sharing and secret chat, as well as the real-time chat feature, which allows you to instantly communicate with your team members any time, anywhere.
Brity Messenger is available free of charge for business customers looking to find a smarter way of collaboration in an era without the office walls.

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  • Global Samsung 500,000 Users
  • Daily outgoing conversation on average 40 million cases





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    Brity Messenger

    Brity Messenger is free to anyone.
    If you join the messenger, Brity Meeting free plan is provided free of charge.
    Incase your company needs an enterprise-portal, please add Brity Mail Plan.

    Brity Messenger
    • Free
      ₩ 0
      for free
      • Instant video sharing
        (up to 200 people)
      • Security features such as watermark, capture protection
      • Separate expenses for
        connecting bots and systems
    Brity Mail
    • Standard
      ₩ 7,000
      ₩ 5,000
      Mail and Messenger provided
      • 10GB of email storage per ID.
      • Approval, Calendar, Task
      • Single Sign On (SSO)
      • API integration.
    • Premium
      ₩ 9,000
      ₩ 7,000
      Enhancement of mail capacity and storage period
      • 30GB of email storage per ID.
      • Up to 2GB large file attachment mail
      • 10 years retention of Approval data.
    • Enterprise
      Contact Us
      Differentiated collaboration and security functions
      • Community, Blog, Media
      • Security functions such as secure mail, journaling, and APT Premium
    • Trial and Free plans do not guarantee SLA.
    • The price of paid plans does not include VAT.
    • Meeting free plan allows up to 100 participants with 70 mins limit.
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