Brity Messenger

Collaborate conveniently anytime, anywhere

Enterprise messenger for business will provide a key for your collaboration concerns

Brity Messenger provides various differentiated features, such as screen sharing and secret chat, as well as the real-time chat feature, which allows you to instantly communicate with your team members any time, anywhere.
Brity Messenger is available free of charge for business customers looking to find a smarter way of collaboration in an era without the office walls.

Major Services

  • Global Samsung 500,000 Users
  • Daily outgoing conversation on average 40 million cases




  • Next Step for Smart Collaboration, Samsung SDS Brity Messenger




Everything you need for collaboration are in one place

Quick access to all Brityworks services

Brity Messenger one-view mode offers all brityworks services in one place.
It includes basic feature such as contact list and chat. One-view mode also offers other collaboration menu such as workspace (online collaboration space), meeting and file(Drive). Now you can easily use other brityworks solution in messenger.
(*Meeting, and Drive require additional subscription).

Everything you need for collaboration are in one place

Integration with a wide variety of services

It provides an open API that can be integrated with internal systems or various SaaS solutions. This allows you to receive notifications or perform simple tasks through an app or bot connected to a linked business system, without the need to access a separate system.

A collaboration messaging tool that goes beyond just conversation

Voice,video, and screen sharing

Audio, video, and screen sharing are all possible with just one click, without the need to install a separate app during the conversation. The contents of the messenger can be seamlessly transitioned to a meeting through the microphone and camera of the PC or mobile device that you are using. Additionally, if necessary, participants can share their screen and write notes on it during the meeting.

A collaboration messaging tool that goes beyond just conversation

Workspace optimized for online collaboration

As online collaboration becomes increasingly essential, we offer a workspace where team members can collaborate effectively. By using this workspace, you can organize team members for each project and experience effective collaboration. Additionally, we have the option to invite external users such as customers and partners to collaborate with you if needed.

Specialized for business conversations

Faster and enriched communication

The '@mention' feature enables users to highlight or call a specific person, and the recipient can easily view the mentioned message from the MY feed. Additionally, using emoji reactions for particular messages can enrich online communication that might otherwise lack emotional cues. When necessary, team members' opinions can be quickly gathered using the survey menu.

Specialized for business conversations

Differentiated business messenger

Brity messenger offers features beyond those of standard messaging apps. You can check status of your team member anytime (vacation/on mobile/working from home etc). The messenger also offers business-friendly features forsuch as organization charts , viewing messages before joining the chat, bookmarks, and notification for selected keywords. These functions promote ffective communication between team members.

Optimized collaboration solution for enterprise

Always safe with strong security

To ensure secure communication, data can be encrypted using AES256-Bit and SHA 256-Bit algorithms. Sensitive conversations can be protected through a secret conversation function that's stored on the device. Moreover, we provide additional security options upon request such as unauthorized access prevention and download controls.

Optimized collaboration solution for enterprise

Supports various devices

It provides the same features and usability on both PCs and mobile devices, enabling you to continue business conversation when working outside of office or on even during business trips.

If you want to know more, please consult with an expert directly.

Use Cases

Live meetings with distant colleagues through messenger's video chat
Quickly resolve issues by sharing your voice, video, and screen with colleagues wherever they are with a single click.

Protect important conversation contents with differentiated security features
Leverage powerful security features including secret chat, screen capture prevention and recall when dealing with sensitive business information.

Check urgent information from business system using Open API
Quickly and securely receive notifications from enterprise systems using Brity Messenger's open APIs.

Case Studies


Samsung Group

Brity Meeting & Messenger helps successfully realize new online hiring test in large scale for the first time as a Korean company.


Samsung SDS acknowledged by global experts

Price Plan

Brity Messenger

Brity Messenger is free to anyone.
If you join the messenger, Brity Meeting free plan is provided free of charge.
Incase your company needs an enterprise-portal, please add Brity Mail Plan.

Brity Messenger
  • Free
    ₩ 0
    for free
    • Instant video sharing
      (up to 200 people)
    • Security features such as watermark, capture protection
    • Separate expenses for
      connecting bots and systems
Brity Mail
  • Standard
    ₩ 7,000
    ₩ 5,000
    Mail and Messenger provided
    • 10GB of email storage per ID.
    • Approval, Calendar, Task
    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • API integration.
  • Premium
    ₩ 9,000
    ₩ 7,000
    Enhancement of mail capacity and storage period
    • 30GB of email storage per ID.
    • Up to 2GB large file attachment mail
    • 10 years retention of Approval data.
  • Enterprise
    Contact Us
    Differentiated collaboration and security functions
    • Community, Blog, Media
    • Security functions such as secure mail, journaling, and APT Premium
  • Trial and Free plans do not guarantee SLA.
  • The price of paid plans does not include VAT.
  • Meeting free plan allows up to 100 participants with 70 mins limit.
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