Brity Mail

All-in-one collaboration solution

Accelerate the speed of your work environment utilizing the email-oriented collaboration solution

Brity Mail combines key features, such as email, approvals, calendar, and board and securely provides them to make working more convenient. The same high level of usability provided on your PC and mobile devices ensures that your business continues seamlessly anytime, anywhere.

Innovate your enterprise operations and boost your productivity by taking advantage of the expertise it provides to you. Brity Mail is currently in charge of the global collaborations of half a million Samsung employees worldwide.

Major Services

  • Global Samsung 500,000 Users
  • Monthly incoming/outgoing mails on average 870 million cases
  • Linked to corporate work systems 4,300





Use Cases

    Price Plan

    Brity Mail

    Feel free to choose right plan based on features and storage capacity your company needs.
    Brity Messenger is available free of charge if you subscribe Brity Mail.
    If you need web conference or cloud drive, you can simply add the services you want with Meeting Plus Plan or Drive Plus Plan.
    Teams with less than 30 people are free to use Brity mail and messenger for an unlimited period of time.
    ※ Inquiry for optional features :

    Basic & Plus Plan
    Basic Plan
    • Free
      (30 people or less)
      (30 people or less)
      ₩ 0
      Mail, Messenger
      for free
      • 10GB of email storage per ID
      • Approval, Calendar, Task
      • Brity Messenger is included
      • Only for teams under 30 people
    • Standard
      ₩ 7,000 ₩ 5,000
      Mail and Messenger provided
      • 10GB of email storage per ID.
      • Approval, Calendar, Task
      • Single Sign On (SSO)
      • API integration.
    • Premium
      ₩ 9,000 ₩ 7,000
      Enhancement of mail capacity
      and storage period
      • 30GB of email storage per ID.
      • Up to 2GB large file attachment mail
      • 10 years retention of Approval data.
    • Enterprise
      Contact Us
      Differentiated collaboration
      and security functions
      • Community, Blog, Media
      • Security functions such as secure mail, journaling, and APT Premium
    Meeting Plus Plan
    • Standard
      ₩ 3,500
      Meeting provided
      with mail & messenger
      • Unlimited free meeting
        with up to 100 people
      • Security functions such as authority management, watermark, and capture prevention
    • Premium
      ₩ 5,000
      Enhanced meeting
      • Unlimited free meeting
        with up to 300 people
      • Live transcript(STT) and record transcription.(* Upcoming)
    • Enterprise
      Contact Us
      Various meeting
      methods provided
      • Provide audio and video conference
      • Real-time monitoring
      • Field coordination support
    Drive Plus Plan
    • Standard
      ₩ 3,000
      ID basis/month
      User Mail, Messenger or together with Meeting and Drive
      • Built-in 30GB storage per user
      • Manipulate files on the Web, Windows explorer and Mobile
      • Automatic update after editing in offline mode
    • Advanced
      ₩ 4,000
      ID basis/month
      Enhanced collaboration and productivity functions
      • Built-in 50GB storage per user
      • Sharing link for external collaboration
      • Document body search
      • Audit log-based statistics/Monitoring
    • Enterprise
      Separate consultation
      ID basis/month
      Support various security options and System integration
      • Document retention period management
      • Non-Compliance detection (CPGS)
      • Document centralization by PC storage control
      • Management of files in business system
    • Free plans do not guarantee SLA.
    • Free plan needs to be converted to paid plan after 3 years.
    • The price of paid plans does not include VAT.
    • Meeting Plus Plan and Drive Plus Plan are available to subscribers who have subscribed to the Basic Plan.
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