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Cloud computing for enterprise needs

Convenient and reliable cloud computing options for businesses

Scale and shrink, manage your IT resources with agility and efficiency while maintaining business continuity.
Select the cloud product or service that fits your business needs without worrying about security.

Major Services

Reliable self-service clouds for enterprise customers

  • A whole other level of reliability Competitive SLA



Key Features

  • Self-service cloud for enterprise

    Experience self-service enterprise cloud with high availability and reliability, while enjoying the same convenience and efficiency of public cloud.

  • Container and DevOps tools to stay ahead

    Develop, deploy and run applications across clouds easily leveraging cutting-edge Kubernetes platform and container technology.

  • Maximize efficiency with SDDC cloud infra

    Simplify the management of cloud computing resources by integrating highly available and reliable global data centers with best-of-breed software.

  • Powerful end-to-end security for enterprise

    Get cloud offerings tailored to various business needs and secure cloud computing environment with powerful automation features by Samsung SDS, the largest and the longest-running cloud security service provider in Korea.


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