What makes Samsung SDS Logistics unique?

Samsung SDS boasts global logistics operating capabilities
ranking among the top 25 worldwide
with 6,300+ logistics experts in 36 countries and 5,700+ partners.
Together with Samsung SDS, a leader in digital logistics innovation with the latest IT technologies,
easily resolve complicated logistics issues.

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A number of customers are innovating logistics with Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS logistics capabilities have been globally recognized.

  • Global logistics company

    Top 25

    Samsung SDS is selected as a global logistics operating company by Joc.com, ranking 1st in Korea and 6th in APAC.

  • Logistics Experts


    Logistics experts around the world endeavor to provide stable logistic services.

  • In operation

    36 Countries

    36 countries, 56 branches, and 300+ sites are connected as a single logistics network in Samsung SDS.

As of 2023

Provide comprehensive logistics services based on logistics consulting and operation expertise

Samsung SDS delivers logistics services in all logistics areas including international and inland transport, warehousing & distribution, and e-commerce and project logistics.
Through customized logistics consulting and a platform with the latest IT technologies, Samsung SDS offers differentiated logistics services and transforms your logistics processes.


  • Seoul, Korea

    Global HQ

  • China

    Shanghai, China

  • Asia Pacific


  • Middle East


  • Europe


  • Latin America

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • North America


Ops and mgmt efficiency Automation - Operation, Openness - Partners, Self-Service - Customers Cello Square with Supply Chain Digitalization

Example of operator screen with logistics analysis report, data, etc.

Major customers working with Samsung SDS logistics

Case Studies

  • Hanwha Solutions
  • Modern House home coodiator
  • Hanyang Digitech
  • Novelis
  • solubrain
  • coway
  • SK nexilis
  • Daehan Flour Mills
  • KPX Chemical
  • Hanwha Total
  • HANKOOK driving emotion
  • GM
  • Mando
  • Lock and Lock
  • SAE-A
  • hp
  • SKC
  • Volkswagen
  • Hyndai MOBIS
  • kcc
  • EcoPro
  • HANSOLL Textile
  • HYOSUNG Heavy Industries
  • GMB Korea
  • Keyang ELECTRIC
  • emma the sleep company
  • Lotte Healthcare
  • ZF
  • WinCommerce

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  • As one of the leading IT service providers, we provide comprehensive logistics solutions by combining our expertise in logistics with advanced IT services. By offering a variety of services, including international transport, inland transport, operation of distribution centers, e-commerce, and project logistics, we satisfy various business requirements of our customers.
    We provide top 25 logistics services globally through collaboration with over 5,700 global logistics partners across 56 operation branches and over 300 sites in 36 countries.
    We always prioritize our customers' business success and fulfill our role as a trusted partner through effective management and optimization of logistics requirements.

  • We offer services in all areas of logistics, including international transport, inland transport, operation of distribution centers, e-commerce, project logistics, etc.
    The digital logistics services help revolutionize our customers' logistics processes using the lastest IT technology based on Cello Square.

  • We provide logistics services at over 300 sites in 36 countries across Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe, including China and Vietnam.
    Over 6,300 logistics experts from Samsung SDS collaborate with about 5,700 global logistic partners to provide effective logistic services.

  • Samsung SDS is leading innovation in logistics with its digital forwarding service, Cello Square.
    It's a forwarding service that allows service providers to take responsibility for and performs customers' international transportation, not a marketplace that simply matches customers and carriers.
    Going beyond the traditional forwarding service, the digital forwarding platform allows you to carry out the entire process of import/export logistics easier and faster.

  • With the digital forwarding service Cello Square, services from instant quote to easy booking and settlements are available on a single platform. Using a dashboard, it is possible to monitor logistics operations and logistics costs in real time.
    In addition, it supports swift and strategic decision-making with real-time visiblity across the entire logistics domain and data-driven analysis reports.

  • Cello is a single platform for integrated operational services covering all areas of logistics, including FIS (Forwarding Information System), TMS (Transportation Management System), WMS (Warehouse Management System) and other functions needed for large enterprises and large-sized companies.
    Cello Square is a platform that offers easy and convenient logistics services for mid-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized companies. Through close collaboration with specialized carriers, solution providers, and platform companies, it maximizes the service flexibility and pursues continous and stable expansion.

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