Expectations and
concerns regarding
generative AI

Companies strive to seamlessly adopt generative AI, but numerous agendas and tasks
must be thoroughly reviewed and completed before implementation.

생성형 AI
  • LLM
  • Fine-tuning
  • Cloud
  • Orchestrator
  • Data
  • Prompt engineering
  • GPU
  • Security

Unlock streamlined solution for corporate artificial intelligence with
Samsung SDS and bring hyperautomation to life for your business

Simply Fit
the accelerator of hyperautomation


An AI service platform enabling faster and easier business process
management for companies
  • Shared business system
  • Core business system
  • System development and operation
  • Public
  • Generative AI
  • Platform
  • Facilitates a seamless connection
    between the business process and resources
  • Enables easy sharing of reliable data,
    bolstered by secure verification and clear access management.
  • Convenient and easy LLMOps
    for choosing the optimal LLM
Simply Chat
a generative AI-based collaboration solution for your business

Brity Copilot

Reduce working hours and enhance productivity with Brity Copilot,
created with the work platform expertise of 500,000 Samsung employees worldwide.
  • e-mail
  • messenger
  • meeting
  • drive
Brity Copilot

Core business system

system development and operation

  • Strengthens seamless connections between systems
    through generative AI
  • Supports personalized services based on detailed permission management by referring to user collaboration data and Copilot usage patterns
  • Enhanced security and data leak prevention
    through a private cloud, forbidden word management, and permission settings
Cloud. Simply Fit
Samsung Cloud Platform,
a top-tier cloud platform tailored for artificial intelligence

Samsung Cloud Platform

Apply the perfect AI solution for your business with Samsung Cloud Platform,
simplifying complex enterprise cloud management
Samsung Cloud Platform
  • Collects/Saves data safely
    by choosing the private cloud according to your needs
  • Supports high-performance, multi-node GPU servers
    to reduce AI task processing time and increase data throughput
  • Various AI-specialized products
    that support all your data processing needs
Simply Chat A reliable partner that truly understands your business

AI Managed Service

Experience the all-in-one managed service suggested by AI experts with leading
technologies and skills.
  • AI/Cloud experts with top-notch technology skills,
    specialized in improving workplace productivity
  • Provides flexible AI cloud features
    tailored to clients’ business environments
  • Optimal use of multi-LLM
    to respond to various client requirements

Simply Fit, Simply Chat

Samsung SDS will guide you throughout the journey
of a hyperautomated enterprise.