Brity Copilot

Generative AI-based Collaboration solution

Transform the way you work with Brity Copilot,
the cutting-edge generative AI that streamlines communication
and boosts productivity in your company

Can companies improve productivity through generative AI?
What is the most frequently used service by employees throughout the day?

For effective integration of generative AI in a business, it is crucial to comprehend and leverage the intricate relationships, systems, and diverse knowledge information within the company.

Experience Brity Copilot, an easiest way to start generative AI at workplace.
What makes Samsung SDS
Brity Copilot special?
Seamless usability
Utilize generative AI effortlessly across mail, messenger, meeting and drive
Clear Communication
Benefit from accurate voice recognition, live captions, and meeting minutes.
Robust Security
Secure environment with keyword filtering and data access management.
Revolutionize the way your company works with Brity Works,
now supercharged with generative AI, Brity Copilot !
Unlock a new era of collaborative innovation and transform the future of work.


Seamless usability

You can immediately use Copilot from any work situation, whether it's email, messenger, meeting, or Office tool, to make your work more efficient and smart. Experience the convenience of generative AI across all Brity Works services.

User friendly interface and guide prompts

We provide a variety of recommended prompts and chip menu-type that are easy to use so that even users with little experience using generative AI can get the answers and results they want.

Integration with business systems

It is possible to conveniently perform an integrated search through the copilot by linking internal data (mail, message, document, and company's business system data) that cannot be found through external search in the form of a plug-in.

* Please inquire separately.

Barrier-free meeting

Brity Copilot provides real-time captions based on STT technology, with a Korean recognition rate of over 94%. It also generates meeting summaries or summaries of specific remarks, and answers questions based on the meeting conversation. After the meeting, minutes are automatically generated and shared via email.

Security features for generative AI

We block internal key information or source code input automatically through keyword and message pattern analysis to safely protect internal information. Furthermore, our user authority management features enable individual and department-level access control for internal data.

Price Plan

Brity Copilot

An easiest way to start generative AI at workplace.

Basic Plan Table : Brity Copilot(for Mail, Messenger, Drive, Office add-in), Brity Copilot (for Meeting)
Brity Copilot (for Mail, Messenger, Drive, Office add-in) Brity Copilot (for Meeting)
27,000KRW User/month

A generative AI service that provide seamless usability by providing copilot service directly from mail, messenger, drive, and office.

12,000KRW User/month

A generative AI based meeting service that provides real-time captions and translations during meetings, as well as Q&A for meeting content.
After the meeting, the minutes are shared via email.

Key Features Key Features
  • LLM (GPT 3.5 Turbo) based service
  • Chat summarization from messenger
  • Message generation and style modification, Spell check
  • Email summarization, draft generation, and translation
  • Automatic email response generation
  • Summarize documents and creat draft (upcoming)
  • LLM (GPT 3.5 Turbo) based service
  • Live captions in Korean and English using STT (Speech-to-Text) technology
  • Meeting script and translation (13 languages)
  • Summarization of meeting content
  • Summarization of specific speaker’s remark
  • Extraction of action items
  • Meeting minutes draft
  • Brity Copilot is available for customers who are subscribed to the Brity Works paid plan. (Free plans are excluded)
  • VAT is not included.
  • If you would like to utilize different LLMs, please contact us for further inquiries.



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  • Yes, Brity Copilot is only available when using Brity Works. It's optimized for the Brity Works environment, so it can't be provided as an add-in to existing collaboration tools. However, it's possible to deploy it separately with each service. (messenger + copilot, meeting + copilot).

  • No, individual services can be deployed separately. For example, Messenger + Copilot or Meeting + Copilot can be introduced independently. However, functions that require inter-service connections, such as sharing meeting minutes to mail directly from the meeting website, may be limited.

  • The price of Brity Copilot varies depending on the size of the company and the scope of service adoption. For more details, please contact us.

  • Yes, Brity Works and Copilot are SaaS services that can be used immediately.

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