Samsung SDS and HARMAN showcase secure mobility at EDC's Vision 2019

As consumers and global citizens, we have come to expect anywhere-anytime experiences — whether making purchases, crossing borders, using government services or accessing corporate networks. One organization that is working to make those experiences reliable and secure is Entrust Datacard. For the first time and to kick off their 50th anniversary, Entrust Datacard (EDC) is convening 650+ global business leaders who drive innovations in digital and physical security — from payment credentials to identities. This landmark symposium will enable leading companies to exchange ideas and help shape the next generation of solutions that protect how people work, travel, learn and transact.

Secure mobility will be a key interest this year at EDC’s Vision 2019. As organizations are enabling digital and mobile channels, they often worry about securing those channels. Unfortunately, the reality is that the rapidly accelerating pace of cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile adoption is growing faster than companies’ ability to scale their security measures and systems. For several years now, Verizon has produced a report known as the Mobile Security Index to illuminate the current gaps and associated implications in secure mobility. In 2018, the Mobile Security Index showed that nearly 90% of organizations relied on a single security strategy to keep their mobile networks safe. For those companies that were sacrificing security over ‘performance’ and expediency, the study found that they were 2.4x more likely to suffer data loss or downtime. The 2019 data shows little improvement, with 83% reporting that their organization is at risk from mobile threats.

While these takeaways are certainly alarming, they shouldn't prevent companies from adopting new technologies. As a sponsor of Vision 2019, HARMAN is partnering with Samsung SDS to showcase the latest innovations in secure mobility, particularly focused on financial services organizations. In banking, for instance, customers expect the convenience of mobile banking without sacrificing their security in the process.

The financial services sector faces many challenges including stringent regulations and compliance requirements, the need to conduct transactions securely and easily, and allowing employees and customers to access the resources they need in a seamless and productive manner. Together with HARMAN, Samsung SDS enables banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions with secure mobility solutions that protect employee data and enable the secure sharing of information.

Through managed mobility services that improve productivity and operational efficiency while enabling consistent global policy enforcement, financial services organizations can effectively end their employees’ pain in procuring mobile devices and keep them always connected. Self-service platforms allow end users to be in control of managing mobile devices, while ensuring predictable costs and appropriate usage.

As an emerging technology with significant implications for financial services markets, blockchain has immense potential for secure mobility. Eliminating third party involvement, an enterprise blockchain solution such as Samsung Nexledger reduces risk and assures speedy data integration and management within trusted networks of collaborators using a foolproof encryption algorithm. Organizations should consider blockchain technology which can safeguard data integrity by delivering verified, identical transactional data to every authorized organization on their networks.

It is a common misconception that as companies innovate to improve the user experience and maximize efficiencies, security necessarily suffers. In truth, this only happens when companies fail to plan ahead and pre-empt security vulnerabilities in their mobile networks. Samsung SDS' secure mobility solutions strike the critical balance between maintaining a pleasant user experience and ensuring the highest level of security possible. Most importantly, the Samsung SDS secure mobility solutions deliver a more secure and convenient user experience. Consumers and employees won’t even notice the technology working in the background because it doesn’t disrupt their user experience.

Visit us at EDC’s Vision 2019 to learn more about how Samsung SDS America and HARMAN are helping financial institutions optimize their productivity, make smarter business decisions, and improve their competitive positions in a hyper-connected economy using our enterprise software solutions for secure mobility.

David Kinlough
David Kinlough

David Kinlough is the Director of Mobile B2B Solutions at Samsung SDS America.