DT Methodology

Customized DT support based on experience across various industries and core systems

We implement digital transformation tailored to customers' businesses based on our extensive industry experience and digital technology capabilities

As digital technologies become more diverse and convergence between technologies expands, digital transformation is becoming very complex.
Complete a successful digital transformation with Samsung SDS, which provides customized end-to-end services based on experience in various industries,
from diagnosing the level of digital transformation of companies to building core systems, such as ERP/SCM/CRM, and stable system operation.

Integrated Offerings

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  • Industry : Electricity/Electronics, Machinery/Parts, EPC/Construction, Chemicals/Energy, Retail/Service, Automobile/Transportation
  • Service→Offerings

    Offerings : Consulting + System Integration + IT Operation / BPS
    • Consulting - DT/Process/IT Consulting
      • Suggesting the optimal solution to resolve the pain points of clients based on industry expertise, including electronics, manufacturing, service, and digital technologies
      • DT assessment/strategy establishment consulting based on DT framework
      • IT consulting based on the latest technologies, such as cloud and big data
    • System Integration - Construction of Application/Data/Infrastructure
      • Construction of clients-tailored systems based on the success know-how of various systems of Samsung-related companies and top domestic and international companies
      • Construction of global solutions (ERP/SCM/CRM, etc.), including SDS DT specialized systems (AI/Blockchain/IoT/Security, etc.)
    • IT Operation / BPS - Operation of Application/Infrastructure
      • Stable provision of customized operation services optimized for client’s business processes
      • Fast response to rapidly changing business environment by reflecting clients requirements in time
    • DT Consulting, Smart ERP, Digital SCM, Digital Marketing, Digital EHS, Digital HCM, Smart ITO
  • Digital Technologies : AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Analytics, Security
  • Intellectual Properties : Methodology (Diagnosis/Solution/SI, etc.), BP Cases, PJT Deliverables, Development Asset, Development Platform, Technology Patents, etc.
  • Infrastructure : Samsung SDS Cloud, Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.) and On-Premise


Samsung SDS leads the digital transformation by providing comprehensive services from consulting to system construction and operation to clients in various industries, including electricity/electronics, machinery/parts, EPC/construction, chemicals/energy, retail/service, etc. and contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of customers. In particular, based on the unique DT framework/methodology, we support fast digital transformation tailored to clients by establishing accurate DT level diagnosis and mid to long-term master plan, and utilizing the SDS DT engine (digital core technologies, such as AI, blockchain, cloud, security, etc.) and various global solution business experiences.

  • Samsung SDS has DT Framework/Methodology

    Enterprise DTA (DT Assessment) diagnosis
    : Overall digital competency level of company
    Biz/Tech/Culture DTA (DT Assessment) diagnosis
    : Specialized processes for each business type, including manufacturing/finance

  • Customized DT services

    Building customized systems specialized for clients by utilizing SDS DT engine + globally proven solution-implementing capabilities

  • Support for DT change management

    Change management services, such as capacity building, organizational culture, and education for early internalization of digital transformation for clients

Major Services

  • We assess multifaceted situations and capabilities for the digital transformation of a company. For a successful digital transformation, we first need to check the current status of a company and pursue DT based on the assessment. Samsung SDS has been providing an integrated DTA(Digital Transformation Assessment) service covering everything from digital level assessment to DT consulting. The DTA is broken down into two areas: basic assessment (Enterprise DTA) and specialized assessment (Biz/Tech/Culture DTA).

  • We support digital optimization promotion and
    new business creation for customers
    Based on an understanding of the business environment of each industry, including electronics, manufacturing, services, and the latest digital transformation trends, we provide services, such as establishing a digital strategy suitable for Client’s needs, designing optimal intelligence/unmanned/automation processes, and building a customized digital platform based on new technologies.

  • Empower your business with Smart ERP Do you need a new ERP platform to stay ahead of global competition for company’s growth engine? Samsung SDS empowers your business with global processes and systems inspired by Smart ERP platform, the essence of Samsung SDS’s capabilities, without trial and error.

  • Realize smarter, faster, and suppler next-generation SCM SCM needs to change according to the supply chain interruption due to unexpected global issues, such as the pandemic and natural disasters, diversified customer needs, and changing digital environment.
    Samsung SDS Digital SCM uses the next-generation technology, including native in-memory-based platform and ultra-high-speed planning engine, thoroughly prepares for uncertainty through scenario plan, and quickly reacts to the variability through the incremental plan.
    Also, enhance the efficiency of decision-making by providing customized UI and differentiated mobile environment.

  • Digital touchpoints are given ever-greater importance in the COVID world: How capable is your organization in managing and integrating these touchpoints along the purchase journey of your customers? As digital commerce continues to boom, the importance of integrated channels and services for customers keeps on growing. And still, customers experience silos across channels, calling for the adoption of a single customer view. Samsung SDS Digital Marketing service brings together diverse data sets scattered across various channels and systems to enable a 360 analysis of the customer view and manage the customer journey based on buying behavior data fed in across the entire lifecycle, from awareness and purchase to promotion and after sales service.

  • Data-driven service to realize a safer, healthier,
    and more sustainable workplace
    Emerging technologies, like IoT, AI, and big data analysis, gather and integrate data generated in the field, and analyze and monitor the data in real time across industries, business areas, production lines, construction sites, and even SOCs, such as airports, roads, and harbors,
    to transform enterprises into sustainable organizations.

  • Samsung SDS offers you specialized implementation services and the latest HCM solutions. Provides strategic decision making, improved employee experience,
    and changes in the way you work.
    The HCM area is witnessing growing demand for innovation to keep up with the new global standards driven by emerging technologies and satisfy the needs of the Millennials. As Korea’s first Workday implementation partner, armed with know-how and solutions built through the implementations and operation of Samsung Group HR system over the past decades, Samsung SDS enables successful digital transformation for your HR system through differentiated service offerings.

  • Armed with extensive experience across industries
    (high-tech, machinery, parts, construction, EPC, chemicals, energy, retail, and service)
    Samsung SDS drives customers' innovation to realize cost reduction and sustain business competitiveness
    Driven by in-depth knowhow in IT operation, expertise in information technology, and insight into customers' businesses built up over the past 35 years,
    we offer stable and efficient IT services to bring up Client's value and allow Clients to focus on core capabilities.

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