Endpoint Security

A complete endpoint security solution covering information leakage and device control, document security, vulnerability management, print control and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

Protect your endpoints from various security threats posed in the post-Covid era

Are you worried that your proprietary technology or core information asset might leak? Is your core information exposed to unauthorized users or do you need a systemic response mechanism?
Endpoint Security integrates risk management, information leakage prevention, malicious code protection, and incident response in one solution. Manage and control your complex security posture easily with Endpoint Security leveraging Samsung SDS' endpoint security operational know-how of 20+ years.

Major Services

  • A single solution, integrating risk management, information leak protection, malicious code protection, and incident response




  • Device Control

    Control and manage storage devices such as USB Memory, removable HDD, and network drive as well as wirelessly connected devices such as cameras, smartphones, scanners, etc. - essentially, any devices that can potentially be used for data leakage and violate your security policies

  • Document Security Management

    Encrypt all your documents preventing possible data leakage while, at the same time, allowing full usability using and sharing documents by the right users.

  • Anomaly Detection and Response

    Detect malicious code, hacking attacks and other suspicious activities or behaviors in real-time with file-, process-, memory- and network-based monitoring and taking automous response actions to different attack phases.

  • Printer Output Control

    Prevent information leakage through printing by controlling document printing, including watermarking and applying various printing policy settings for each group, department or individual.

Use Cases

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