Identity and Access Management Solution

Reinforce account security while securing user convenience

Due to widespread cloud usage and working from home protocols, corporations are facing two different challenges; enabling employee access to internal systems remotely while maintaining robust security. SingleID helps authorized users access information assets more easily through one authentication activity, reinforces account security through real time authentication anomaly detection, and provides account management governance by managing various usage records.


  • Meet our convenient, safe Identity and Access Management solution with one single account, from On-Premise to SaaS.




  • SSO

    One-Step login service with SSO which is developed based on international standard protocols(SAML, OAuth) for multiple in-house systems including On-Premise, SaaS, mobile devices.

  • MFA

    Multiple Factor Authentication service including finger print/PIN, m-OTP, email when additional authentication is required.

  • Abnormal Behavior Detection

    Detecting abnormal behaviors in real time based on big data by collecting and analyzing data such as authentication log, user locations, log in time, log in tools.

  • Identity Lifecycle Management

    Managing account lifecycle from requesting user account to termination and offering provisioning services for relative working systems.

  • Compliance

    Granting/Revoking authority by organization, group or role and responding to external regulations through monitoring abnormal accounts.

  • Workplace Portal

    Unifying ways to check and access work systems that are allowed by users. Providing various self-services including access request/approval or user information modification.

Use Cases

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