Firewall Policy Management System

Operate firewalls safely and conveniently.

Have you experienced a service interruption due to a human error?
Have you ever spent most of the day working on the firewall manually?
By automating firewall operations, FPMS supports effective and stable firewall management.

Key Services

  • Effective and stable support of firewall operating works in various IT infrastructure environments




  • Policy optimization

    It analyzes application information, finds the target firewall, categorizes it automatically, and analyzes patterns to provide optimized features, such as removing duplicates and displaying expired policies.

  • Automatic policy registration

    Based on network operation security standard, it supports auto-registration of policies by checking consistency of registration information and considering characteristics of firewall vendors.

  • Policy analysis/verification

    Checks policies registered in firewall and similarity of old registration information, figure out risk factors, and report analysis result, such as consistency, duplicates, expiration, etc.

  • ID-based firewall policy support

    Provides ID-based policy change in batches not only in the network environment with all IP-based firewalls but also in IP/ID mixed firewalls.

Use Cases

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