SaaS Consulting

SaaS consulting service realizes business design and SaaS application development based on competitive cloud infrastructure such as Samsung Cloud Platform (SCP), AWS.

We support you to build cloud native SaaS

In a rapidly changing IT market environment, many companies seeking digital innovation are strategically choosing to switch to SaaS.
SDS provides various consulting with SaaS Readiness check and cloud infrastructure utilization systems needed to build new SaaS and switch existing legacy applications to SaaS.
Experience SDS SaaS consulting services that can accelerate the transition of customers' businesses to new 'IT Assets' that have never existed before.

Major Services

Provides SaaS consulting based on global partnerships such as AWS

  • SaaS Solutions 15 solutions in service
  • Public cloud certifications such as AWS Over 5,000 holdings



Customer Value

  • Establish a clear target model for SaaS service

    The SaaS Readiness of SDS can measure the current level of customers and establish the target level that customers are aiming for

  • Achieving optimal TCO savings

    Continuous cost reduction effect through open source conversion, optimal CSP selection, and utilization

  • Implementation of secure and effective SaaSification

    Provides high quality, secure systematic methodology, and process-based Cloud Migration services

  • Enhance business continuity and operational transparency

    SaaS Infrastructure and Application Integrated Monitoring Operation to Secure Visible Business Continuity and Customer Trust

AWS SaaS Guidance

SDS collaborate with AWS to provide SaaS consulting based on business and technical guidance provided by AWS SaaS Factory Program

Table of Business
Business Business/Financial Planning Org Structure Product Roadmap
MVP Approach Marketing Approach Sales Model
GTM Planning Monetization and Packaging Customer Success
Table of Technical
Technical Profiling & Analytics Billing & Metering Identity & Access
Tenant Isolation Roadmap Refactioring Multi-Tenant Storage
SaaS Design Decomposition Partner integration Agility & Operations

Case Study

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