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Innovate your workplace with Brity Works

Automation and Collaboration solution of Samsung SDS, Brity Works for intelligent workspace optimizes work efficiency with a powerful integration of five key enterprise tools: robotic process automation, AI chatbot and messenger/mail/meeting. Brity Works is being used at Samsung around the world, all solutions are compatible with a variety of platforms and legacy systems with maximum grade security.

Brity Works
  • Messenger
  • Mail
  • Meeting
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Assistant (Chatbot)

Major Services




Innovate your Workplace with Brity Works

  • The Core of Your Digital Transformation
    Digital transformation no longer the future ? it's reality. Accelerated by COVID-19, the way that traditional companies operate and collaborate is rapidly changing.
    The first thing to consider is how you currently work.
    Brity Works lays the foundation for business growth with collaboration tools that improve continuity and productivity, and provide integrated business automation.
  • Seamless Collaboration
    Easily Integrate Collaboration Tools and Work Systems
    Ensure work continuity with core collaboration tools. Brity Works includes messenger, meeting, and the mail business portal which covers tasks like approvals and scheduling. Even better, you can start and finish all tasks in Brity Works by simply linking your work systems with your external solutions.
  • Intelligent Automation
    Automate with the Business AI Assistant
    Conveniently automate complex and repetitive tasks. The AI-based automation tool from Brity Works can easily handle any job thrown your way through the Assistant's real-time conversations. People can express their creativity while focusing on important work.

Price Plan

Brity Works Collaboration Solution Price Plan

Find the right plans for your business. Basic Plan includes Brity Mail and Brity Messenger.
If you additionally subscribe to Plus Plan on top of the Basic Plan, you may optionally use Mail, Messenger, or even Meeting and Drive.
If you want to use only the Meeting or Drive service, please use the Meeting exclusive plan or the Drive exclusive plan.

Basic Plan
  • Free
    ₩ 0
    for free
    • Instant video sharing
      (up to 200 people)
    • Security features such as watermark, capture protection
    • Separate expenses for
      connecting bots and systems
  • Standard
    ₩ 7,000 ₩ 5,000
    Mail and Messenger provided
    • 10GB of email storage per ID.
    • Approval, Calendar, Task
    • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • API integration.
  • Premium
    ₩ 9,000 ₩ 7,000
    Enhancement of mail capacity
    and storage period
    • 30GB of email storage per ID.
    • Up to 2GB large file attachment mail
    • 10 years retention of Approval data.
  • Enterprise
    Contact Us
    Differentiated collaboration
    and security functions
    • Community, Blog, Media
    • Security functions such as secure mail, journaling, and APT Premium
Meeting Plus Plan
  • Standard
    ₩ 3,500
    Meeting provided
    with mail & messenger
    • Unlimited free meeting
      with up to 100 people
    • Security functions such as authority management, watermark, and capture prevention
  • Premium
    ₩ 5,000
    Enhanced meeting
    • Unlimited free meeting
      with up to 300 people
    • Live transcript(STT) and record transcription.(* Upcoming)
  • Enterprise
    Contact Us
    Various meeting
    methods provided
    • Provide audio and video conference
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Field coordination support
Drive Plus Plan
  • Standard
    ₩ 3,000
    ID basis/month
    User Mail, Messenger or together with Meeting and Drive
    • Built-in 30GB storage per user
    • Manipulate files on the Web, Windows explorer and Mobile
    • Automatic update after editing in offline mode
  • Advanced
    ₩ 4,000
    ID basis/month
    Enhanced collaboration and productivity functions
    • Built-in 50GB storage per user
    • Sharing link for external collaboration
    • Document body search
    • Audit log-based statistics/Monitoring
  • Enterprise
    Separate consultation
    ID basis/month
    Support various security options and System integration
    • Document retention period management
    • Non-Compliance detection (CPGS)
    • Document centralization
      by PC storage control
    • Management of files in business system
  • Free plans do not guarantee SLA.
  • Free plan needs to be converted to paid plan after 3 years.
  • The price of paid plans does not include VAT.
  • Meeting Plus Plan and Drive Plus Plan are available to subscribers who have subscribed to the Basic Plan.

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