Cloud Offerings

Explore Samsung SDS cloud products and services.

  • Virtual Server

    Virtual servers optimized for cloud computing

  • VM Auto-Scaling

    Automatic resource scaling in/out according to demand

  • Bare Metal Server

    High performance physical servers without virtualization

  • Block Storage

    Storage for large data processing and DB workload

  • File Storage

    Storage with multiple clients sharing files via network

  • Object Storage

    Large-capacity Data Storage Space in Cloud Environments

  • Backup

    Data backup and recovery service

  • DB Service

    Easy database creation/management in web environments

  • Kubernetes Engine

    Kubernetes container orchestration service

  • Kubernetes Apps

    SW images for immediate deployment in Kubernetes clusters

  • VPC

    Independent virtual network space

  • Security Group

    Virtual Firewall Controlling VM Traffic

  • Load Balancer

    Automatic distribution of server traffic load

  • DNS

    Convenient domain setting and management

  • GSLB

    DNS-based load balancing for reliable network traffic

  • VPN

    Connecting external and cloud networks

  • DDoS Protection

    Large-scale network traffic attack detection & response

  • IDS

    Real-time intrusion detection and response on website & application servers

  • WAF

    Protecting applications from web vulnerability and attacks

  • Web Vulnerability Assessment

    Review and response for web service security vulnerability

  • Certificate Management

    Integrated registration/management of SSL/TLS certificates

Application Service
  • API Gateway

    Easy API management and monitoring

  • Mail/SMS/Push

    Email, SMS, and Push Notifications

  • Kafka

    Creating and managing Kubernetes clusters on Confluent Platform

  • Elasticsearch

    Convenient Creation and Management of Elasticsearch in Web Environments

AI Service
  • Kubeflow

    Kubernetes-based open source machine learning platform

  • Logging & Audit

    Collection and analysis of user activity history

  • Cloud Monitoring

    Support for reliable operation of cloud infrastructure

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